LIFE MILVUS project monitoring visit to Corsica

On May 3 and 4, 2023, a monitoring visit of the LIFE MILVUS project took place in Corsica, which consisted of a day of technical and financial verification and a day of inspection.
The project monitor (Dr. Cozzi) and the Aspromonte National Park staff were guests of CEN Corse -Conservatoire d'Espaces Naturels de Corse- in the Borgo office while other members of the partners' staff attended the meeting remotely.
The inspection took place in the project areas located in the Regino Valley in the Balagna region of northwestern Corsica. Here hills and mountains embrace a verdant valley that faces the sea and is home to pastures shaded by large holm oaks and ancient olive groves over which red kites fly everywhere. Part of the valley, in fact, is a Special Protection Area for Avifauna that boasts a very high density of red kite pairs.
In particular, the survey visited an area that is home to several kite nests and that CEN Corse has been clearing of shrubby vegetation to minimize fire danger and to preserve open areas ideal for the species' feeding.
Information panels dedicated to the project have been installed along some trails by CEN Corse.

Information panel installed along a trail.

Participants in the monitoring visit the booth on the LIFE Milvus project implemented by CEN Corse and used in public events and demonstrations.

Inspection of the intervention areas

The Regino Valley (Balagna, northwestern Corsica).

Intervention area cleared of shrub vegetation

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