Protection of sensitive sites in Corsica

The problems affecting the red kite in Corsica are mainly related to the risk of fires in the vicinity of nests, habitat modifications and the practice of activities that may disturb nesting or the formation of roosts. The project envisages, in the first instance, carrying out an awareness-raising campaign aimed at local authorities, farms and landowners to promote their collaboration in protecting the red kite. With the support and agreement of these interest groups, CEN Corse plans to carry out the following

  • clearing the ground of vegetation around approximately 20 nests to reduce the risk of fire;
  • the conclusion of agreements with local authorities to introduce regulations in building regulations to protect at least 20 sensitive sites;
  • concluding agreements with the owners of the land where sensitive areas are located to ensure that no activities are carried out there that disturb or cause damage to breeding sites or aggregation sites (roosts).

A nest with three young red kites almost ready for flight

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