Project areas

The LIFE MILVUS project is being developed in the Aspromonte National Park in Italy and in central and north-western Corsica in France. 

The Aspromonte National Park covers approximately 64,000 ha in the southern part of Calabria, a region located at the southern end of the Italian peninsula. The project area, in particular, is located in the southern part of the Park and, as far as the reintroduction of the red kite is concerned, in the Amendolea Valley. 


In Corsica, the project is carried out in the Regino Valley, located in the north-western part of the island (in Balagne), and in the Ajaccio area, in the central part. The area covered by the activities covers a total area of about 43,000 ha, part of which falls within the Parc naturel règional de Corse, and is home to about 200 pairs of red kites. 

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