Awareness raising activities

The project includes the development of awareness-raising campaigns aimed at:

  • local authorities, farms and landowners in Corsica, to promote their collaboration in actions to protect the red kite;
  • farms and livestock holdings in the southern part of the Aspromonte National Park, to encourage their cooperation in the management of the feeders provided for red kites;
  • rural population, trade associations and other stakeholders, to discourage the illegal use of poison and the use of rodenticides;
  • tourist operators operating near the reintroduction area of the red kite in the Aspromonte National Park.

Both in Corsica and in the Aspromonte National Park, an educational campaign will be carried out in primary and secondary schools, ending with a drawing competition.

A section dedicated to the red kite and the LIFE MILVUS project will be set up in the Aspromonte National Park visitor center in Bova (RC), while in Corsica an exhibition stand will be used in the framework of shows and other events.

A wide range of information materials will be produced with the LIFE MILVUS project, including an annual newsletter, brochures dedicated to the project, the problem of wildlife poisoning, the red kite and the securing of power lines for birdlife, an educational booklet for children, an educational kit, a roll-up, and a poster. In addition, a documentary and a cartoon will be made.

All dissemination and technical products will be available for download in PDF format in the 'Documents' section of the project website.

In addition, the project will develop a strategy to encourage the replication and transfer of the actions carried out, which includes the publication of a manual on good practices for the conservation of the red kite, the holding of a visit to the reintroduction area in the Aspromonte National Park, the organization of a symposium on the safety of power lines for birdlife and the holding of a final conference.

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