An educational notebook with a protagonist: the red kite

How can the red kite be introduced to young and old alike in an enjoyable and stimulating way? An educational notebook full of images and content created by the Aspromonte Natural Park Authority tries, which, to capture the attention of readers, offers two stories that tell a lot about this wonderful bird of prey, its conservation problems, its important ecological role and what is being done to get it back to nesting in southern Calabria thanks to the LIFE MILVUS project.
The notebook, produced by Arts & Altro project, has children and young people as its main target audience and will be used, in particular, as part of the educational activity to be carried out in Park schools in spring 2023.
Opening the notebook is a captivating comic strip story, conceived and drawn by graphic illustrator Nicola Cillo, which recounts the return of the red kite to Aspromonte through the excitement aroused in a young boy by the discovery, in the skies of his countryside, of a bird of prey so beautiful and previously unknown to him.
The second story, on the other hand, designed with comic drawings and suitable for younger readers, features Red, a young and outgoing red kite who tells his and his family's story, explains what dangers he faces every day, and explains how the actions of the LIFE MILVUS project can help his species live more peacefully. The idea and texts for the comic are by Anna Cenerini, the drawings by Gianni Ancillotti.
To download the notebook in PDF format click here

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