Eight young red kites fly in Aspromonte National Park

On the morning of July 27, 2023, the eight young red kites transferred from Switzerland on June 23 emerged, with a few agile wing beats, from the two acclimatization aviaries that have housed them for a month and are now flying in Aspromonte National Park.
The eight individuals remain around the release area and frequent the feeding platform that is being stocked to support them in this first period of freedom.
The GPSs with which the animals are equipped allow the LIFE MILVUS team to monitor their movements, and the camera installed near the release area allows them to observe them and read their identification rings as they feed.
This was the first release operation that Aspromonte National Park plans to carry out in the coming years to return the species to the protected area.

The IBAJ kite on the feeding platform

Six red kites on the feeding platform

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