Natura 2000 Network

The Natura 2000 Network is an ecological network designed to conserve the biological diversity present in the European Union and, in particular, the animal and plant species and habitats listed in the Habitats Directive (Annexes I and II) and the bird species listed in the Birds Directive (Annex I). The Natura 2000 Network consists of Sites of Community Importance (SCI), Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Areas for Birds (SPAs) throughout Europe.

The LIFE MILVUS project supports the implementation of the Birds Directive by carrying out activities in favour of the red kite and other species listed in Annex 1 of this Directive. Some of the planned actions also improve the environmental quality of the Natura 2000 areas involved (e.g. securing of power lines, activities against the use of poison, etc.).

The project also allows the extension of the Natura 2000 network through the establishment of an SPA in the area of the new red kite population settlement in the Aspromonte National Park.

Information on the Natura Network is available here:

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