The activities of the LIFE MILVUS project in Corsica described in the French ornithological bulletin ‘Milan Info’.

'Milan info' is a periodical of the French ornithological association Ligue pour la protection des oiseaux LPO in which ornithologists and researchers publish articles dedicated to the red kite, its conservation status, the problems affecting the species and the initiatives undertaken for its protection.
The head of the LIFE MILVUS project for the CEN Corse association, Manon Ducrettet, published an article in issue 42-43 of Milan info, which came out in December 2021, in which she describes the objectives of the project and the first results of the monitoring actions of the red kite population.
In 2021, the census carried out by CEN Corse in the two main distribution areas of the species in Corsica, the Regino Valley and the Ajaccio area, identified 209 territories, 121 of which were in the first area and 88 in the second. In detail, the breeding of 30 pairs was monitored, 20 of which successfully reproduced, bringing a total of 25 young to the roost.
Interesting information is provided by the GPSs with which CEN Corse equipped ten young red kites in spring 2021 and which now make it possible to constantly monitor their movements. In the first few months of life, an important dispersal tendency was detected, as well as the frequentation of adult territories and the use of the roosts themselves. Four new roosts have been identified in addition to the historical ones already known for the species. Researchers at CEN Corse are also analysing the interactions between red kites and a wind farm and are collaborating with others to identify the main causes of mortality for the species. Unfortunately, a case of poisoning has also been established.

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