Educational activities continue in Corsica

At the end of 2021, two field trips were organised in Corsica with classes from the village of Belgodere (Balagna). 13 December was an exciting day in which the middle school class in the morning and the primary school class in the afternoon were able to discover and observe the red kite in its natural environment.
Thanks to the availability of binoculars and spotting scopes, the pupils were able to make exceptional observations to their great delight (52 students with two teachers and two accompanying adults took part in the outing).
A collective quiz was also organised with each class to end the educational activity in a fun way, taking up the information on the red kite and its conservation that had been provided during the classroom lessons.

A class of pupils from the village of Belgodere on a field trip to observe red kites

Pupils on field trip to areas frequented by red kites in the Balagne region

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