Power lines potentially dangerous to birdlife surveyed

A study conducted in the southern part of the Aspromonte National Park identified medium voltage power lines potentially dangerous to birds and assigned each of them a priority code for the implementation of isolation measures under the LIFE MILVUS project.
Electrocution is one of the most important threats to the red kite and many other bird species with medium to large wingspans. Electrocution occurs most frequently when birds perch on the supports of medium-voltage power lines supporting uninsulated conductor cables; the take-off and landing phases are also very critical. When the animals touch a part of the support (earthed) and a section of the conductor (live at 15-25,000 volts) at the same time, they are electrocuted.
To minimise this risk for the red kites that will be reintroduced into the Aspromonte National Park and, at the same time, for many other birds that frequent the area, E-Distribuzione will secure over 250 potentially dangerous medium-voltage power line supports.
The study on the power lines, conducted by Dr Andrea Ciulla, analysed the lines present in the area of the Amedolea Valley close to the area that will host the kite release centre. Based on the degree of danger of the various types of armament (supports) and their location, the power lines were divided into three priority classes for intervention.
On this basis, E-Distribuzione, a partner in the LIFE MILVUS project, will be able to carry out the safety interventions in favour of the birdlife, which involve the insulation of the conductors near the supports using special devices or the replacement of the bare conductor with insulated cable.

Application of insulation sheaths by E-Distribuzione

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